What happens if my pre-qualification application is denied?

23 Feb 2014
  1. The contractor will be notified by email that their application has been denied. At that point they will need to contact the school district directly and follow the districts appeal procedures.
  2. The contractor will also be notified that the reason for denial is that they did not meet the minimum score set by the DIR.
  3. The contractor will receive their results and their overall score by email immediately upon completing their application.
  4. If at anytime during phase 1 or phase 2 of the pre-qualification procedure the contractor does not meet the minimum score, they will not be permitted to go further and will be denied on the basis of not meeting the minimum score. All appeals are taken directly to the school districts.
  5. All school districts have the right to refuse any contractor based on omission or falsification of any requested information.
  6. All school districts reserve the right to determine disqualification on the basis of information secured from any source(s)

James Wydner