PQBids works closely with public entities to create an all-inclusive pre-qualification process that best suits the client’s needs, reduces staff time, saves money, and meets state laws. Prospective bidders complete a questionnaire, upload financials, and submit other pertinent documents through PQBids.

The Simplest Way to Navigate Pre-Construction

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Bid Advertisement

Get access to project information posted by public agencies in your area. Search for projects using our online bid calendar. Contractors can login and see all bids that are being advertised by your district. This allows your projects to be viewed by more people and can help you receive more competitive pricing. Also, stay up-to-date with all the bid documents uploaded directly from the public agency.


Online Bidding

The district no longer needs to take risks in this COVID-19 environment. This feature allows public agencies to streamline the process of bidding construction projects by quickly uploading and submit sealed bids using our quick and easy bid submission form.

1. Upload bid advertisements
2. Upload bid documents and specifications
3. Upload plans
4. Upload all addendums
5. Job walk photos or videos
6. Automated notifications to all approved prequalified contractors
7. Simply wait for bid day and you can use our online bidding system

District Benefits

1. All bids are time stamped
2. Submitted bids can only be viewed after the bid time set by the district
3. When opened by the district, automated results and using Zoom/Skype/Google Meet or a districts preferred method, they are read publicly
4. Ability to select any bid for all contractors to view
5. Ability to select the apparent low bidder upon review of their bid docs

Contractor Benefits

1. Ability to upload from their office
2. Upload bids up to a minute prior to bidding for last minute edits
3. No more last minute edits in a parking lot because sub contractors sent bids last minute

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